Creative Learning

I am passionate about enabling people, from preschool children to elders, to find ways to express and develop their creativity.

I bring a rich variety of visual art and craft skills, storytelling and performance expertise, and many years experience as an educational professional to projects and partnerships.

The development of imagination, purposeful exploration, play and problem solving, learning new skills and taking risks, will all be integral to the engaging and enriching projects I can devise with you to meet the particular needs of your setting.

Child feltmaking (© Kathryn Holt)

Recent projects

Through Creative Partnerships

In a Stevenage school I devised an art/science project on light, involving shadow puppetry, making a translucent sculpture, and creating an interactive exhibition.

As part of a Clacton school's project on the sea, I used felt making, storytelling performance and small-world story play to develop the imaginative storytelling of Reception children.

As artist in residence

At Churchfield Primary School in Enfield, I have been helping Nursery staff develop a more engaging and creative outdoor curriculum including building living willow play structures.

As visiting artist

At Edge Grove School in Hertfordshire, I worked with year eight and nine children to produce a large translucent porcelain disc screen for the windows of their library.